Technology Tips

  • Student Email access: Students will need to use a web browser for accessing their 4J email. Teachers will be communicating directly with students and parents regarding their classes, timely information, assignments, etc. All communication to students will be through their 4J email accounts. The Mail app on the student assigned iPads does not work outside of the 4J network. Students must launch Safari, Firefox, or Chrome and use their mail through the web browser. 4J Student email link is here:
  • Managing Emails:  Clean out your email accounts of old and unneeded emails – you need the iPad local storage space! Delete once from your INBOX , delete twice from your TRASH! Detailed instructions are HERE – STUDENT EMAIL MAINTENANCE!
  • ZOOM Video Conferencing: Cal Young will be using the Zoom app for instruction, meetings, and office hours. The Zoom app is on student iPads. The app can also be downloaded to home computers, laptops, and smartphones. Students must use their 4J email accounts when setting up their Zoom accounts. Students are required to set their Zoom name to their First and Last Name, only. Students are expected to follow appropriate Zoom video conferencing etiquette when using this app. Video Conferencing Etiquette HERE.
  • CANVAS LMS (Learning Management System): All 4J Secondary school (Middle and High Schools) are using Canvas for instruction. Students must do the following to begin using Canvas with their classes: 1. Launch and sign into the iPad app using their 4J username and password they will do this one time and then not use the app again. 2. After doing step #1, students will use the Safari web browser on their iPad to access Canvas classes at this link (if they use a computer they should use Chrome):
  • Teacher Online Instructional Blogs: Cal Young teachers will be using Canvas to deliver their course curriculum. Link to Teacher blogs HERE (also accessed on the website “Staff” menu).
  • Tech Support: If you need any tech support assistance (for example, if Zoom is not working for you), then please send an email to
  • Password Naming Convention (Cal Young Students):

    If you need to reset your password, set it to the following: If your name was Jeremiah Jerry, the password is the first two letters of your last name (1st capital, 2nd lower case), then the number 1, then the last 4 digits of your Student ID, then “cy”. Example using Jeremiah Jerry – Username: jjerry05  Password: Je1xxxxcy (xxxx is the last 4 numbers of student ID)

  • Did you forget your password?  If you forgot your 4J Password, please call 541.790.6400, ask your teacher, or email Genessa Waite@ waite_g@4j.lane.ed
  • iPad Screen and Multitasking Tips: How to use “split screen” and “multitask” functions link
  • Videos from the 4J Canvas Student Course: 4J teachers created these videos for students. Students who complete the Canvas student intro course will have seen these but they may still be useful to you throughout the trimester:
    How to access the Zoom class link through Canvas: