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Registration Info

Registration, Enrollment, and School Support

If you are considering sending a student to Cal Young Middle School, here are the procedures to follow:

If you are considering enrolling your student next year in any 4J school or program, other than your designated neighborhood school, or the school your student is now attending, please note the following timeline. The school district’s open enrollment policy allows students to attend any 4J school, provided there is space available but requires completion of a School Choice form. Any student not in our attendance area, who would like to attend Cal Young, needs to complete a School Choice Request application online. 

For the most up to date enrollment materials for any 4J School, please navigate to this website.

All students will have 6 periods and an advisory.  The 6 periods will include a block (Language Arts/Social Studies), math, science, a PE/Health rotation, and either a rotation including two semester-long electives or one yearlong elective.  Our staff can not promise an elective choice will be honored (due to constraints), but we value our student preferences and hope to give students their choices.

Check-In Day:  
There will be two different days for student “check in” depending on grade level.  Of course, if a family has a student in multiple grade levels, then we can handle all needs in one stop.  The 6th grade check in day will be August 28th from 12pm- 3:00pm.  the 7th & 8th grade check in day will be August 31st from 12pm- 3:00pm.

If you would like to make an appointment with the school registrar, please call the school office at: 541-790-6400.  The registrar will start working on August 16th and can make appointments after that date.