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Welcome to CYMS Cougar Track and Field 2023

Welcome to Cal Young Cougar track & field! This year’s coaching staff is really looking forward to an exciting, fun, and successful season for each of our athletes. In order to be able to participate on the CYMS track team, the following items must be completed and submitted to the main office before you will be allowed to practice or compete:

  1. Permission Form (White): This form is required each year. It outlines the 4J School District’s athletic team rules and commits each athlete to keeping their grade above passing, consistently attend practice, and behaving appropriately while at school, practices, and competitions.
  2. Annual Interval History Form (Green): This form is required each year. It outlines the type of medical insurance the athlete has, includes emergency contacts, and lists other pertinent information. If needed, a low-cost insurance policy is available. Please contact the track program’s operations coordinator, Ms. Alexis Krivchuk, (541-790-6414) in the school’s main office for more information.
  3. Physical Examination Form (Pink): ORS 336.479 and O.S.A.A. regulations require that an athlete complete a physical examination every TWO CALENDAR YEARS when participating in athletics. IF the athlete’s last exam expires before the end of the season, May 24th, 2023, a new one must be completed before any participation, both at practices and at meets, is permitted. Additional information can be found on the O.S.A.A. website.
  4. Athletics Participation Waiver (Blue) & COVID-19 Waiver of Liability (Grey): These forms are required each year. They contain terms related to participating in a school- sponsored athletic program and the assumption of risk associated with such participation. Areas covered include concussion protocol, exposure to COVID-19, performance- enhancing agent, school attendance, and procedures related to returning to participation following a significant illness and/or major surgery.
  5. Cougar Track & Field Program Support (Yellow): This form provides information regarding how parents/guardians can help support our track program this season, either by volunteering at one of our track meets and/or by helping to offset some of the costs associated with running our program. Click here to sign up online to volunteer.
  6. Participation Fee (Paid to the CYMS Main Office): The cost for the season is $100.00 per student-athlete. WE ask that each family pay as they are able. There are partial and full scholarships available based upon individual/family need. WE DO NOT WANT MONEY TO PREVENT SOMEONE FROM PARTICIPATING!!! Contact the track program’s operations coordinator, Ms. Alexis Krivchuk, (541-790-6414) in the schools main office for more information regarding scholarship requests.

Click Here to Pay Online

Being part of the track team at CYMS is important in a variety of ways. First, it provides a healthy activity that many of our children need in our current world of technology and video games. Second, it teachers each athlete the importance of being part of a team rather than focusing solely on individual goals. Finally, it gives our students a chance to connect and foster positive, supporting relationships with people, both students and staff, they may not normally interact with during the regular school day. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about the upcoming season!


Season Overview:

Practices: Monday-Thursday 4:00 pm to 5:30 pm

Registration Packets Due: March 10th

1st Practice: Monday, March 13th

Meet Dates:

  • Dual Meets: April 13, April 20, April 27
  • Sub Districts: May 4
  • Districts: May 11


Keep up with schedules, results, and all things CYMS Track at our website:


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