Elective Offerings

Elective Information and Courses

Cal Young offers a variety of elective opportunities for 6-8 grade students. All students at all grades must take at least 1 term of PE and 1 term of Health. Students are also offered year-long elective choices in Spanish, Band, Musical Theater, and Yearbook/Journalism/Media Pros (QCEs).

All 6th grade students move through a rotation of courses known as Explore. These 12 week courses offer students foundational experiences that they can then choose to dive into deeper as 7th and 8th graders.

The Explore Rotation consists of PE, Health, Leadership, Art Survey, Technology Literacy, and World Languages.

Brief Electives descriptions and the sign-up process links are below:

Elective Selection Video 19-20

Electives Descriptions 2019-2020_7th Grade

Electives Descriptions 2019-2020_8th Grade

Elective Forecasting Page_19-20

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