Student Schedule Forecasting 2021-22

Forecasting email to families…

Good afternoon, Cal Young families.

Advisory teachers discussed the 2021-22 student schedule forecasting process for 6th and 7th grade students this morning.  Students were told the materials would be sent to parents and guardians first, so there would be an opportunity for parents to guide students on elective choices for the 2021 – 22 school year.  The due date for student preferences is this FridayMay 28th at 4pm.  We are sharing with families today, but will release the google form to students on Wednesday, so, if families want students to complete individually then students can do that.  Additionally, if you would like a paper copy of the materials, then Heathre Prehoda will have materials you may pick up at CYMS.

All the needed materials are below.. I have copied material from an email from Heathre Prehoda and pasted below..

Thank you for your support,


Here is a link to the forecasting form:

Here is the information we reviewed in advisory today:
Please let me know if I can help in with the form or the transition,
Heathre Prehoda
School Counselor
Cal Young Middle School
Eugene School District 4J