August 11 CY Check In

Good afternoon,

I hope you are enjoying your last month of summer.  While the weather has been pleasant, I am sure the uncertainties of the 2020-21 school year have been challenging for families.  Our school district leadership continues to work with building leadership groups to craft the model for comprehensive distance learning (CDL) for the fall trimester.  While final decisions on exact schedules have not been made, I will communicate out information quickly when it becomes available.

I have received a few questions about technology for the fall trimester.  Similar to past years, CYMS students will all be issued an iPad with a case and keyboard for school use.  Different from previous years, our students and community will need to receive instruction on how to effectively use the device in a CDL format.  Obviously, this will create challenges, but I am confident that we will overcome them.  There are tentative plans to provide training for students and parents separately on how to use iPads, Canvas, and many other functions to make digital learning most effective.

As far as pickup days for iPads, schedules, and any other school related materials… those details are still being developed.  We do plan to have some version of a 6th grade only school day to kick off the school year and utilize our 8th grade WEB leaders in some capacity.  We also plan to have a “Back to School” process that will involve enrollment papers and permissions, so please watch for information coming soon.

Please enjoy the wonderful weather and I will continue to provide any updates available.



Chris Mitchell

CYMS Principal