CY Digital Learning for All

Happy Friday!

First, thank you all for supporting our staff in creating a Digital Learning for All program that works for our community.  I believe there is still work to do, so the model may continue to change.  However, a basic structure is in place and we are all gaining comfort.  As we move forward, our staff will continue to analyze thoughts and feedback on the amount of work, an office hours schedule, etc. and will announce changes when needed.  For example, our staff will discuss the Zoom office hours schedule again next week and may make minor changes, so please watch for that.  

The purpose of this email is to provide a one-page document that summarizes the components of our Digital Learning for All program. So, if you have been overwhelmed by the messages or confused about what is “required” or “optional”, then please read the attachment here, titled “CY Digital Learning for All-One pager”.  I have also attached the Digital Learning “Planner” documents I have described in previous announcements, because this is an important tool for students and families to use.

In your service,


Chris Mitchell
Principal / Cal Young Middle School
Eugene School District 4J / 541.790.6400