Message From The Principal

Good morning,

I hope you are well. I am so thankful that, although social distancing is uncomfortable, my family is healthy and we have the things we need.  We have also been able to enjoy a less regimented/scheduled life, spend more time talking to one another, and get out for more walks.

The purpose of this message is to keep Cal Young families in the loop regarding 4J plans for distance learning.  I will ask that families have understanding that plans continue to evolve (as the pandemic situation evolves) and that the 4J staff is enduring similar situations to all families- worries about health, worries about supplies, and just general worry about the unknown.  All of that stated, we will start rolling out distance learning soon.

Some thoughts and information…

  • All families should have received notification of an online survey.  Please fill it out.  Even though CY is in a different position than most schools since we have 1 to 1 devices for students, the survey will help our school know who is monitoring email and who has needs we should know about.  A link to the survey is on the CY welcome page –
  • Our CY administrative team will work on an additional short survey to ensure we are connected with CY families and know the needs.  Our staff will put in time, next week, to connect with families (by phone) who have not responded to the CY survey.
  • The CY staff will be preparing for online delivery of curriculum over the next week.  Some families will need to retrieve items from the school (a protocol will be set up for that and communicated).  Some staff will need professional development on various applications.  Our students should be fairly well versed on some of the content delivery applications, like google classroom, and may need to learn about others, like Zoom video conferencing (to talk to teachers when needed).  Some of our teachers may start communicating to students rather quickly and others may need the full week to prepare.  The Zoom app will be “pushed out” to iPads next week.  This can be done remotely, so long as the iPads are connected to wireless.
  • There are still many unanswered questions.  We have been processing this during the scheduled Spring Break, so not all voices have been heard.  The vision will become more clear next week, however, I do anticipate several teachers will be reaching out to students with applications like google classroom early in the week (if not sooner- I know several teachers who have been sending students messages and writing prompts already).

We will continue to keep folks notified as the situation evolves.  We are eager to connect with our students and families again.  There is a strong belief that meaningful instruction and learning can occur remotely.  It may take all of us working together- teachers planning and delivering, families supporting structure for students, and students commiting to give attention and effort to lessons, but this plan can work!

Please look for a CY specific survey tomorrow.  Again, it will be short (hopefully less than 5 minutes), but will provide us meaningful information.


Chris Mitchell, CYMS Principal